About Omkara Kalakshetram

Omkara kalakshetram is a professional learning centre for traditional Dance, Music and art education. It has been grooming the future of the artists and share the knowledge on rich tradition of Indian Art forms. The training given to the artists help them find ease in their body and mind. They inculcate and implant the knowledge on different dance forms and art forms. It synchronise the body-mind-brain co-ordination too. We provide the proficient trainings for traditional classical dance forms, like Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchippudi and Folk Dance. Students here are also trained for Karnatic Music, Orchestration and Art Education.
Dance in Omkara kalakshetram. Omkara kalakshethram Koothattukulam. Dance classes in Ernakulam.


Basic and systematic training in Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kuchippudi, keralanadanam, folk Dance and all group of classical Dance forms.
Special Coaching for competitions (State, CBSE Kalolsavam).
Special crash courses for Foreigners and well wishers
Module training for all category (Item-wise special coaching).


Basic training for Karnatic music and Light music
Instrumental Music training – Keyboard, Guitar, Mrudangam and violin.

Music classes in Omkara kalakshethram Koothattukulam. Music classes in Koothattukulam. Omkara kalakshetra Koothattukulam
Drawing class in Omkara kalakshethram Koothattukulam, Art education in Omkara kalakshetram Koothattukulam. Painting classes in Omkara kalakshethram Koothattukulam.


All areas of Art Education- Drawing, Water colouring, Crayons colouring, Oil painting, Glass painting, Fabric Painting, Pot painting, Jewellery Making, Clay modelling etc.

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